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We Have Simplified The Verification Process

BounceProof is built for businesses looking to streamline their sales, intake, outreach, and customer relation efforts without wasting the precious time of their teams to verify each email manually.

Upload Your Customer List

We provide easy copy paste, upload and countless integrations.

Verification Process Begins

Starting with catching duplicates and syntax errors the process begins.

Servers are Pinged for Status

We check MX, full inboxes as well as actual pings to the server to get a real response

In-depth Reports are Generated

Get reports at a glance for deliverable emails, catch-all domains and invalids.
Industry Leading Verification Technology

Why Choose BounceProof

Guaranteed Email Delivery

The BounceProof platform is built to make sure that your message is received, because even the world’s best message won’t matter if there is no one to hear it. Rest assured that your emails will reach their destination with BounceProof.

Advanced Verification

A proprietary email verification platform built from the ground up to ensure state-of-the-art performance and incredible accuracy. Unlike other platforms we actually ping servers to verify each and every email on your list for the most accurate results.

Clear Philosophy

You deserve quality email verification that doesn’t break your bank.
Simple, right? And yet, most email verification and email list validation services ask steep prices for their services. Not us. The BounceProof philosophy is that email verification shouldn’t break your bank.

Multiple Integrations

BounceProof currently integrates with MailChimp, Platformly, Aweber Moosesend, Mailshake, and Lemlist. You can connect any of these services to BounceProof with incredible ease and continue your work, uninterrupted. More integrations – including but not limited to Google Sheets, SendGrid, and Infusionsoft – are soon to come,

User-friendly Interface

BounceProof is built with user-friendliness in mind. Our interface is designed to be navigated with ease. Integrate your existing workflow, clean your email list, manage email addresses, download results and more – all with just a few clicks with our intuitive interface.

Dedicated Support

If you have any issues at all, the BounceProof team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. We are dedicated to ensuring that your email lists are cleaned and that your emails bounceless. We want you to succeed, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any doubts or questions you might have.

Constant Evolution

The world of technology changes from day to day and BounceProof follows suit. Our platform is constantly evolving and improving so that we can provide you with the best email verification and email list validation services.

Advanced Platform

BounceProof is every bit as powerful as any other email verification program on the market and we provide top-notch email validation services. We ensure your lists are cleaned by checking MX records, domain validity, spamtraps, CatchAll addresses and more, in addition to pinging servers to check server validity.

Affordable Rates

The aim of BounceProof is to provide advanced email list validation and email verification services to everyone at affordable rates. We believe that email verification should not break your bank and everyone should be able to conduct their marketing campaigns without spending their whole budget on email list cleaning.

Software Integrations

Integrate with your favorite platforms and experience seamless verification solutions within your workflows and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

You no doubt have questions, let’s clear them up!
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